About Operations & Maintenance

juwi solar Inc.’s (JSI) operations and maintenance team provides operations, monitoring, and maintenance services customized to each solar facility and each owner’s needs. Specialized performance analysis tools and personalized user web interfaces are designed and maintained in-house to offer the owner an unparalleled level of service and flexibility.

Our Services:
Operations & Maintenance

  • With over 430 MW operating worldwide and over 10 years of plant data, JSI, in coordination with its German affiliates, has created a set of best practices and procedures resulting in efficient and cost-effective maintenance protocols that maximize generation while minimizing cost.
  • JSI’s maintained fleet of solar generation projects has achieved more than 99.3% lifetime energy availability.

Reactive Maintenance
  • In 2012, JSI, in coordination with local technicians, responded to 97 inverter-level outages with an average time to resolution of less than 10 hours
  • Works side by side with major equipment manufacturers to ensure troubleshooting and repair occurs efficiently and by properly qualified personnel
  • Provides upfront one-on-one site orientation and training to all technicians that will be onsite to ensure personnel safety

Preventative Maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance plan customized to your site and designed to preserve manufacturer warranties
  • Thermal imaging plan designed to find and repair issues before they become failures
  • Safety and risk management procedures that have allowed for over 30,000 man hours of maintenance events performed with no OSHA recordables or near misses

Facilities Management
  • Maintains site fire extinguishers and detection equipment to help provide quick resolution of disasters
  • JSI onsite personnel have completed the OSHA 30 hour training to ensure compliance with federal regulations

Solar SCADA Systems

  • JSI provides a comprehensive SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System. This system goes far beyond general “monitoring” functions, and provides:
    • Plant and inverter-wide control, including curtailment, volt/VAr grid control, breaker trip/close, and power factor adjustment
    • Control and monitoring of supplemental non-inverter systems, including capacitor and inductor banks, tracker systems, environmental controls and auxiliary loads as required
    • Very high temporal resolution, with data updates set per importance, ranging from instantaneous to multi-minute polling intervals
    • Very high spatial resolution, with high-level data from circuit breakers and interconnection relays all the way down to array-level currents and energies
  • Support for many interoperability protocols, including DNP3, IEC 61850, Modbus (TCP/Serial), OPC, and SunSpec compliant devices, among others
  • Online and offline historians for data analysis over the entire lifetime of a generating asset
  • JSI-operated VPN (Virtual Private Network) system for secure connection via any site means available including DSL, T1, Cable, Satellite, and Dial-Up.
  • VPN supports hot-failover for multiple on-site data links and scalable redundancy
  • Extensive back-end interfaces for SQL, interactive graphics, ODBC, OSI PI and OPC connectors to support JSI’s other O&M offerings and customer data interoperability requirements.
  • Custom, powerful, customer web interface with data export and user customizable trending

Automatic Alarming

  • JSI designed algorithms to routinely compare actual generation to that predicted by the JSI model enabling rapid identification of underperforming areas of a solar facility
  • The JSI SCADA system features extensive automatic alarming both to reduce the data to manageable levels and to improve overall response time
  • Alarming displayed to JSI Operations Center staff can also be made available to customers via email and secure Web Portals

Operations Center

  • JSI’s Operations Center continuously monitors numerous utility-scale facilities totaling more than 160 MW
  • Is staffed by highly qualified personnel during coast-to-coast plant production hours, 365 days per year
  • Provides immediate response to any level of plant outage from plant-wide protection relays to array-level string monitors
  • Provides centralized plant-control resource and easy interface with Utility partners for plant restoration and power control commands across the entire JSI fleet

Custom Data Analysis

  • JSI has developed automated data analysis system that provides high quality reports tailored to customer needs
  • Reporting tools provide timely and consistent plant status and performance metrics at a glance
  • Algorithms have been developed and verified against years of operating data