Project Investors

The unique juwi model allows for continuous project cost optimization, providing some of the lowest cost solar in the US. juwi is able to globally source the highest quality financeable products, ensuring reliable plants and affordable prices as the equipment market continually evolves.

With a proven track record of arranging for, and securing, over $600 million in equity financing for US solar projects, juwi has created strong and lasting relationships with a well-vetted and qualified group of strategic investors, which continues to grow. With this, juwi is able to manage the solar development and construction process from start to finish, providing best in class execution. juwi also works with non-strategic investors and financial investors.

juwi has brought this approach to 15 states across the US, while juwi’s parent company, juwi AG, has built over 3.0 GW of solar power worldwide, and is backed by MVV Energie AG, one of Germany’s largest municipal utilities.

To date, juwi has obtained equity financing from the following entities:

  • 400+ MW of Contracted US Solar Projects
  • 164+ MW of Wind Projects
  • Across 15 States
  • Bringing Solar and Wind to Over 20 Utility Customers
  • Field tested In-House Engineering and Construction Management Expertise